Winchester Rural N&E Vaccination

24th May 2022: Children (age 5-11 year olds) COVID-19 Vaccination at Broughton.

Please book your child into this clinic as soon as possible as it may be our last one. To book this, please contact your GP practice. 


HHFT Breast Clinics Pilot

Our Network of 6 practices are lucky enough to be participating in a new pilot with HHFT Breast Clinics via the Wessex Cancer Alliance to see if patients can be directed successfully to breast clinics without seeing a GP. Your receptionist, triage nurse or doctor may give you a number to call to speak with a breast triage nurse that or the next working day. The number is 03001230769 and if you are aged over 30 with a new presentation of a breast lump or symptoms you can ring yourself. This pilot together with our new care co-ordinator for cancer role will aid in the earlier diagnosis of cancer by increasing screening rates, supporting safety netting of possible cancer patients and use of clinical decision making tools in practice. We are supported by and work with the Wessex Cancer Alliance on this work. Please feel free to look at their toolkit for further information.


Cancer Care Update

Whilst early cancer diagnosis is always a priority at Winchester Rural North and East Primary Care Network, we are thrilled to announce that we now have our own cancer care coordinator, Rebecca, who not only be prioritising diagnosis and screening but undertaking personalised cancer care reviews with all of our recently diagnosed patients across the network, ensuring each and every one of our patients receives the care they would like and deserve. Please do contact your GP surgery who will be more than happy to put you in touch with Rebecca.


During Cervical Screening Awareness Week, we want to raise awareness of how important it is to book in and have your cervical screening (smear test) and to talk about some of the stigmas and concerns attached to having the test.

At Winchester Rural North and East Primary Care Network, we understand that everyone has a different experience of, or worries about cervical screening. We would like to share some advice and tips with you which we feel may help to make you feel more comfortable.

Talk to your nurse or doctor

If it is your first cervical screening, or you have experienced anything that could make the test more difficult for you, please do talk to us so that we can endeavour to give you the support you need. If you don’t feel comfortable saying something, you could write it down.

Ask for the first appointment of the day

If you feel uncomfortable in waiting rooms, you may want to ask your practice if you can book the first appointment of the day. This can mean it is quieter and there is less time for you to wait.

Take someone you trust with you

Take a friend, a relative or ask somebody to stay in the room with you, if this makes you feel more comfortable. We will always accommodate you for your cervical screening – please just ask.

We know that cervical screening isn't easy for everyone. If you are worried about the test or know you find it hard, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust are available to support you with questions or by talking things through on 0808 802 8000. 



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