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We Serve over 44,000 Patients

The purpose of the Network is to support member GP Practices to improve resilience and stability, to provide value for money services for commissioners and stakeholders and develop innovative, cost-effective primary and community services that respond to people’s needs.

The Network formed in 2019. In our first year we:

  • Established a social prescribing service to support mental wellbeing of children and young people
  • Improved access by setting up joint appointments with a Paediatric consultant and GPs at our local practices for children
  • Developed links with Community services and local authorities to improve the coordination of care for patients.
  • Developed Care Home MDT's with the involvement of all of our practices and nursing homes with the wider community services who serve them

In 2020-2021:

We established a vaccine centre at the Holiday Inn Winchester and worked collaboratively with retired staff from our practices, the Rotary Club and the YMCA. 

In 2021-2022

We plan to establish a new office space in our Network to expand our staff numbers to support patients and staff in the Covid recovery phase and to enhance our collaborative working. One of our key priorities will be the Early Diagnosis of Cancer as well as the Development of an adult Mental Health Team. We are recruiting a joint post in Mental health alongside Southern Health who will help to develop this team and liason between Primary and Secondary Care. 

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